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Wajra O'Force Empowerment Foundation smashes Guinness World Record of the largest 'Tug of War' Tournament held in Ahmedabad Wajra O'Force Empowerment Foundation, a city-based NPO, has smashed the Guinness World Record of the largest Tug of War tournament held in Ahmedabad,in a strong pitch for women's safety and the need for empowerment. The tournament saw 6,282 participants and 698 teams in a test of strength. This sport demands strong will and determination and the match was played as per the rules of the Tug of War International Federation.Wajra O'Force broke the record of Bharuch District Administration wherein 4,672 people had participated in January 2016.On being asked what made you want to break the Guinness World Record of Largest tournament of Tug of War. Ruzan Khambatta Director,Wajra O'Force Empowerment Foundation replied that we called this tournament "Tug of War - A war for women safety and empowerment".By breaking this record we wanted to send a global message about Women Safety & Empowerment.She emphasized that Women safety security is not a Gender Fight. It is a fight between Good and Evil.Life is a Tug of War. If you are a woman, you are always pulled along. Neither do you possess the strength nor the inclination to pull and win. Life is unfair. But we can make it fair. Continuous domestic violence, attack on women, inequality, malnutrition and low health care is affecting the mothers and daughters of our society. Like always we need to stand up and take action.We need to empower them. Give them a life of Dignity.Through this unique show of strength a successful connect with the masses was established which resulted in large scale awareness and sensitizing them about women's issues with a bit of fun.Sports Authority of India was the Technical Partner with support from Rasna, H. B. Kapadia and Home guards. 6,282 Participants 698 Teams 80 Officials 73 Volunteers 10 Stewards 3 Witnesses 2 CA 20 Tracks 41 Companies 34 Colleges 22 Schools 25 CCTV Cameras120 Security Personals This was the first such initiative by a non-government institution to promote causes of women's safety, security, empowerment, skill development, employment opportunities, gender sensitization and self-defence using a game format.Teams from various schools, colleges and corporate houses competed with each other to win the coveted title.